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November 10, 2012  9:30PM
Hairbangers Ball
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Doors @ 8PM
Show @ 10:30PM
$7 | 21+ 

According to ancient Pawnee legend, every century births human manifestations of water, fire, wind, earth, sun and sky. Seven mythological musicians commanded by the moonlight. Seven melodic shaman who water the barren lands, settle the livid seas and breathe life into the gaunt and diseased. Seven storied warriors equipped with the ability to rock the shit out of men, women and children alike.

Swift, brave and usually drunk, these rhythmic riders of the night are known to commoners as the Hairbanger’s Ball. Born scattered between grass huts, ranch homes and double wides in different corners of the country, it was divine intervention that united them in line at a White Castle in Villa Park, IL after a Slayer concert in 1998.

The mystical band has since roamed the country in unison in Trans Am's, offering up the healing potions of Jack Daniels, and the primeval hymnals of Poison, Guns 'n Roses, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe and Bon Jovi just to name a few. Though many have attributed Hairbangers Ball’s famed light shows to modern technology, fables claim a celestial source of ignition. Adorned in tight leather, pounds of hairspray, pink lipstick and plastic mini skirts, each member has become as equally known for their great performances on stage and in the bedroom.

With the promise of immortal greatness under their collective wing, they alone will continue to command the ranks of inferior bands beneath them.

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