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August 24, 2013  8:00PM
Shoeshine Boy Presents: Chris De Salvo with Suite Mollie Seven and David Paige & the Skyline
Doors: 8PM
Show: 8:45PM
$9 at the door

Chris De Salvo is a Chicago-based guitar player who's decided to venture down the "singer-songwriter" avenue. Thanks to a highly-musical upbringing, he's fully versed in the pursuit of mastering an art-form that can sound simple as it can be complex. He thanks his mother for always playing Beatles records that would fill the house with wonder, and his dad for reminding him that The Beach Boys were even bit as relevant as The Marshall Tucker Band.
De Salvo experiments with as wide a range of sounds as one could hope to capture on a six-string, unmarked Classical Guitar (the same model Willie Nelson plays... he thinks). From Johnny Cash to Cat Stevens. From Karen Carpenter to Jack White, Chris finds the inspiration he deems necessary to try his hand at a profession where more hearts are broken than revitalized... More dreams dashed than wishes granted - To him, it's the music that matters, and he hasn't found such as unbridled counterpart as Ryan Miera throughou his tenure as a musician. Aside from being the house Music Director at Comedy Sportz (929 W Belmont Ave  Chicago, IL), and playing piano for both The Second City (touring company), and iO (formerly Improv Olympic) theaters, Ryan's passion for drums dates back to his early years in rural New Mexico, playing for a various assortment of bands ranging from punk, to R & B, to garage rock.
Together, they've meshed their collective passion for a multi-shaded variety of musical genres and brought forth their project Cowboys & Indians - A fusion of blues, folk, Garage &... Art. If you like a set packed with short, straight-forward, to-the-point songs with enough energy to swear you off five hour energy shots for the rest of your life, and catchy enough to stay in your head well into Sunday afternoon, stop by the Cubby Bear Saturday, August 24. You won't regret it.

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