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March 11, 2016  7:30PM
DNK//Brandon James//Waxworks//Winkler Mill
DNK. Pop/Rap duo from Nashville. Interests include singing your feelings, rapping, and knitting.

Brandon James Chicago native Brandon James delivers a versatile sound of pop and soul to his ever growing fanbase and has plans of delivering much more. Lauren Tate of Serious Art Magazine describes him and his music as “ a refreshingly classic but up to date sound that out shines most upcoming singers.” 

Waxworks WaxWorks is a Chicago based groove/blues/rock group. Start with a quarter ton of soul, wrap it in a bumpin' groove, grind up some dirty riffs and mix until slightly chowdered. Cook at 451°F, then top it off with some mad Italian wailing. There's your WaxWorks

Winkler Mill Bluesy-rock collective, Winkler Mill, blends soulful bass lines, energetic guitar riffs and spot on beats, to create a new twist on the classic rock sound.

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