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September 3, 2016  8:00PM
Bad Bad Meow / Animal Holograms / The Strips / The Daisy Heaves
Bad Bad Meow - Originally formed in 2011 when Alen left punk band, Perfo and moved to Chicago from North Carolina. Over the last five years, they have released 8 records displaying their chaotic brand of kaleidoscopic acoustic country punk. But this is not just about noise and rambunctiousness – for Bad Bad Meow, melody is key and is the root of all the songs. And you can hear this consistently through their music – balancing far-out ideas and unabashed freakiness (hell, they have a song about letting your freak flag fly!) with wonderful non-showy musicality. This is what you get when you stick a scientist, a mall historian and a guy who dates people live on the radio (really!) into a room and tell them to create exhilarating, spell-binding music that doesn’t sound quite like anything else.

Animal Holograms - Sonic therapy for those who need intense, psychedelically inspired, stylistically inchoative music to free wild things built up inside.

The Strip // The Daisy Heaves

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