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January 3, 2014  9:00PM
Darmata with The Beeson Duo and Crooked Moon
Doors: 8PM
Show: 9PM

The Band DARMATA is a Chicago Funkadelic/Rock band with one common reality. Music is the ultimate form of artistic expression that has the ability to change our perception on things, therefore changing our REALITY. 

The music created by this band is able to be summed up into one word...ENERGY... Not the cocaine binge, jumping up and down, bouncing off the walls energy. More of a pulsating array of relax, bob your head and feel good kind of energy. Each song has way of pulling at you from many direction. Each bass line, and each lyric may have a different effect on each individual person, creating a whirl-wind of emotion engulfing the venue or the stereo. Darmata has a sound that fits well with Hip Hop fans, Metal fans, and pretty much anything between. If you pass on this band, you haven't looked far enough into the meaning of their exhistence. A unified creation of all reality....in musical form.

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