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October 2, 2014  8:00PM
Skirt Steak
Doors: 8PM
Show: 9PM

Leave it to a bleak Chicago winter to provoke the assembly of four femmes fatales in search of an illustrious all-female cover project.  The first Skirt Steak convention transpired in early 2013, as the need for a lady-driven party band seemed a dire necessity to heat things up and melt the icy eternity that surely held the fate of our fair city.  Inspired greatly by their guilty pleasure for the vogue productions of Billboard's Top 40 and the nostalgia of their youth, these girls were naturally seduced by the musically diverse and glorious decades that were the 80s, 90s, and into Y2K.

Audiences who find themselves in the company of this hard-hitting quartet will be delighted by the raw energy and undeniable musicianship delivered with each familiar anthem.  Unlimited by genre, Skirt Steak keeps party-goers on their twinkle toes, moved to conjure every dance move in their arsenal.  Whether you head bang, grind, skank, twerk, swing, salsa, or sprinkler, this band will provide the soundtrack for your groove.   

In a world exhausted by constant subjection to tiresome "cover bands," this faction of funky females is set apart by the fact that they are truly about the music.  Collectively bringing an impressive heap of experience, these women wow fans with their tightness in musicality, rich vocal harmonies, and their ability to replicate your favorite songs with mouthwatering Skirt Steak chops.  For those whose appetite is not satisfied by only aural amusement, a healthy portion of visual entertainment and comedy is served with this collection of eccentric personalities.  This band is about fun.  They love what they do, and they are out to make you love it, too.

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