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March 1, 2013  8:00PM
Shoeshine Boy Productions Presents: Kazy with UH HUH Baby Yeah, We Killed the Lion, and Bullet Called Life
Doors: 8PM
Show: 9PM

Kazy has been waiting to happen for quite some time. Kazy is a struggle to break out, to move ahead, to unlock the restraints, to face the fear, to find a way, any way to make it there. To find that peace we know is out there somewhere. Im after it, and Kazy is the reflection of the journey. As Kazy will have its presentation and marketing, it will be secondary to writing the best music possible with as much conviction and passion that exists in me. As much as I am excited to bring this to the public eye, it serves as a therapy for me personally to reach within me and pull out the emotions to make this music as convicting as possible. The hope is in that people will feel something real, something tangible, something that will give them chills or make them cry, let them relate or want to write their own song. This is the beginning of a long term project. Welcome to Kazy.

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