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01/30/2012 5:45pm

Cubby Bear Wrigleyville changed its relationship status with Sebastian Bach to engaged.

01/30/2012 10:54am

WALE FRIDAY - Gonna blow the roof off! http://t.co/u2QM30sZ

01/29/2012 10:38pm

@AceVentara thanks?

01/29/2012 6:48pm

Cool, I'm about to reach 1,500 tweets! See the rest of my stats at Twitter Counter: http://t.co/MZAdKLzZ

01/29/2012 2:21pm

1. Stare at the red dot on her nose for 30 seconds 2. Turn your eyes towards the wall/ceiling or somewhere else on... http://t.co/iDE7kh7s

01/29/2012 1:29pm

One day left of the weekend. How are you spending it?

01/28/2012 5:59pm

@RHartley73 decent guess I suppose

01/28/2012 5:47pm

Is it supper or dinner?

01/28/2012 10:47am

Costco is selling Super Bowl packages for only $15,499. You get 400 rolls of toilet paper with you purchase. http://t.co/ZUjy9pIC

01/27/2012 8:48pm

See you later. (knuckles) http://t.co/6wNNyo7T