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07/11/2012 3:05pm

Tonight. We hope you can join us. http://t.co/0Vg1dxA4

07/10/2012 4:40pm

Join us tomorrow as we celebrate the life and work of JAMIE DUFFY. For the past 8 years, Duffy had committed his... http://t.co/Huivvwr5

07/09/2012 8:55am

kitteh doesn't want the weekend to be over. http://t.co/F4OAnIai

07/08/2012 1:44pm

Join us this Wednesday to celebrate the life and work of Jamie Duffy with performances from Chris Buehrle, Marlon... http://t.co/LkDHjnAr

07/07/2012 7:49pm

Friends, we will be hosting three shows at Cubby Bear this month to celebrate the life and work of Jamie Duffy.... http://t.co/57aLhevM

07/07/2012 9:33am

The all-powerful fisheye lens compels you to go see Mike and Joe at Cubby Bear TONIGHT! Tickets are only $8. http://t.co/PWfXNqZJ

07/06/2012 4:29pm

This weekend's grilling tip is brought to you by Cubby Bear Wrigleyville! http://t.co/CqBhZyqc

07/06/2012 2:49pm

"hop in the water plug, just for old times sake" http://t.co/PL1XygWt

07/06/2012 11:59am

TICKET GIVEAWAY: The first three people to name an animal whose name starts with the letter 'O' win a pair of... http://t.co/Yg0RLMgv

07/05/2012 4:08pm

O noooo! Don't be sad--its $4 Cubby Blue Bombs tonight! http://t.co/jIHhZR39